Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love - Day 8

Today I want to show you the part of our apartment home that I just LOVE....
Our apartment has this small sunroom which is just wide enough for my 4 ft table to sit in with my computer. When we moved in, I told Cory that this space was mine! It's perfect for all my scrapbook stash, especially since there is a small storage closet just to the right of the windows that I keep all my bags and cricut and other large stuff in. I love that I have a place to call my own. The boys know not to touch "Mom's stuff" or "Mom's computer" and even the cats are happy because when I have my stuff all strewn around, the boys aren't allowed near here (lol, so the cats are safe from being tormented, plus the cats love the big windows). I don't scrapbook nearly enough as I would like, even though I look at my stuff everyday. But knowing that I can scrapbook when I want is a great feeling. Some day when we have a house, Cory has already told me that I can get more of the organizational stuff that I just don't have room for now. He's such a great hubby that "gets" my hobby and will even encourage the hobby at times. I LOVE how I have a hobby that allows me to celebrate our lives together and a place that I can have to work when I want.

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