Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love - Day 11

Here is one of my long-time LOVES....Well, not this book exactly since it just came out last month, but I have loved John Grisham books FOREVER! Ever since I read The Firm, I was hooked. I typically have been able to pour through one of his books in a day or so. I've been working on his latest book for awhile since life has been so hectic lately, and I've had way too much to think about to enjoy escaping into my book worlds.
I have always loved reading. I remember sneaking a flashlight under my covers to keep reading after my mom had told me to go to bed. I just could never put a good book down. With life being the way it has been lately, I have to put my love of reading off to the wayside. I look longingly at my books every night before I drift off to sleep because I am too exhausted to even read a page or two :-(
Once life seems to call down a bit though, you can guarantee you will find me with a book in hand at some point. Now if I could just instill this love I have to my dear children....


Beth said...

I got that book for my birthday and haven't started reading it yet, either. My first Grisham book was a paperback of A Time to Kill that I picked up to read on the beach one summer. I was hooked after that. The Firm was the 2nd one I read and is probably still my favorite!

Oh, and I love the song that's playing right now... Come By Me by Harry Connick, Jr. He's one of my favorite people to see in concert! I've seen him 3 times!

(And if you'd bring your pile of papers to my house, I'd help you get through them!)

Cori said...

Thanks for the offer, Beth. Maybe I should roadtrip on up to Greenville this weekend....hmmm..... :-)