Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love - Day 2

This month I get to talk about things I love. I went pretty easy on the first one, and blogged about Cory!!

The second love this month is my kitties. I tell ya, I never thought I would be a cat person. I grew up with dogs, and always envisioned myself having a dog. Dogs are fun. They will play with you, kiss you, cuddle with you, and take you for a walk. :-)

Cats are solitary animals, who don't always care for people. Or at least that's what I thought before we got a couple of kitties.

I taught at Vatterott College in Omaha, Nebraska, before moving to Georgia. I taught basic math and English classes for students in medically related fields, including veterinary technicians. Between the students who loved animals and Ian who loves kitties, I began to grow fonder of kitties. It was around Ian's 5th birthday that Cory and I decided to grant Ian his wish of having real kitties. I knew that we could adopt a cat from Vatterott for less than the humane society, so Cory and I went to pick a cat out for Ian. We were looking at them and playing with them, and decided on not one, but two kitties for Ian. While the kitties were out playing, Sherman and Patches go along so well with each other, that we decided to adopt them both.

Ian was thrilled to pieces with his new real kitties. I now cannot imagine life without them. We were fortunate to have adopted two very lovey kitties. Sherman and Patches both love to hop up on my computer when I am typing or trying to scrapbook. Sherman is also very content to hop up on your lap for attention. He loves to be petted. Patches is my princess. She is lovey too, but only when she wants attention. She usually wants me to pet her when I come home from school every day. She'll meow and follow me around until I pick her up and pet her. Silly girl.

I just now that I cannot imagine life without them now.

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