Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love - Day 14

I LOVE this guy....Here it is the end of the month, so I figured I better talk about one of the first guys I fell in love with at first sight. :-)
Alex is truly my child. He may have Cory's looks, but his attitude and actions are all me. There are times when I would love to boot this child to the curb, but I always come back to reasons why I love this kid. Alex is so fun loving. He is quick to smile and laugh, just like Ian. Alex's smile lights up his face and makes me smile too. Unfortunately, this child is growing up and finding all those attitudes and ideas of a soon-to-be teenager. Alex and I butt heads all the time, and that is clearly because we are so much alike. I know that I am quick to yell at him, and sometimes without reason :-( But then there are times when he will completely forget that and do something small, like come and give me a hug goodnight, that makes me forget why I was mad and had yelled. I know that as he gets older that he will continue to do things that amaze me and make me so proud to be his mom. I cannot tell this child enough that I love him. I just hope that he truly realizes that even when Cory and I won't buy him those games he wants when we're out at the store. lol :-)

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