Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love - Day 10

I LOVE this Kid....

I guess with the end of the month approaching I better talk about my kids, ha ha!! I'll start with Ian here. :-)

Ian is my "baby." I love this child for exactly who is. I wouldn't or want him to change for anything or anyone. Ian is my precocious child. He's been identified as gifted and trying to keep up with his thirst for knowledge can be exhausting. His favorite subjects are math (gotta love that :-) ) and science. He loves to draw, write, read, play, everything a 6 year old loves to do. There really isn't much Ian does not like. His love though is kitties. He loves Sherman and Patches, although they tend to shy away from his "craziness" and "wildness." He will quickly share with anyone who comes over his stuffed kitty collection and the scrapbooks I've made to show his collection.

There are times when I feel down or angry. To feel better I simply have to look at Ian's smile. I love his smile. His smile lights up his face and puts a smile on anyone looking at him. His laugh is just as infectious. He starts laughing and pretty soon everyone else is too.

I love how he is content to hang out with mom :-) Even as I type this, he is sitting next to me drawing his Bakugon board that he wants for his birthday in two months. I will cherish whatever time I can get with him because I know that when he gets older it won't be "cool" to hang out with mom. Ian can just ask Alex that...LOL

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