Friday, February 27, 2009

Love - Day 13

I LOVE this place....This is our main building at Duluth High School. Our school was once a community college, so there are separate buildings housing each department. This is the main building that houses our auditorium, main office, social studies and science departments.
Last year, I met a friend of mine who teaches here in Gwinnett County. She convinced me that I needed to move from Nebraska to Georgia and teach here. I was a bit hesitant about the idea of moving so far from home, but I applied nonetheless. I really didn't expect to be offered a job, so when I was and for a comparable salary that I was leaving in Nebraska, we packed up and moved to Buford, Georgia, July 2008.
As this year has progressed, I have loved being back in the high school setting again. I am teaching algebra 1 and algebra 2 - my favorites!! I have been fortunate to teach some pretty awesome kids. This year has been one of the few where I have not had any major discipline problems and the students are actually pretty polite (kinda surprising at times for
I am truly thankful for the move and our live now here in Georgia. Another plus has been that I have been able to meet several of my online friends from Scrapshare in real life. These women are fabulous, and so welcoming to anyone new in the area. I just wish we all lived a bit closer to get together a little more often.

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