Friday, January 23, 2009

Beauty - Day 23

Tonight it was nice to have a family dinner together. So often I don't feel like doing much, so I will make the boys a quick sandwich or something for dinner. It's such a simple thing, but sitting down to dinner with Cory and the boys is nice. Granted the boys are into mono-syllabic answers they still will talk to Cory and I. I cherish the time that we all get to spend together as a family, even the simple times of eating dinner or playing a game together. Mom gave us this dice game Doodle Dice Deluxe for Christmas. It has become our new favorite. It reminds me of Yahtzee, but the dice all have lines drawn on them and you need to make pictures to win. It's not too often that we can find a game that all four of us can play together.

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Traci said...

huh. You just reminded me that we haven't added yahtzee into our game night yet!