Monday, January 19, 2009

Beauty - Day 19

Today I get to hang out with Ian. We are off of school today for Martin Luther King Day.
I wanted to grab a bagel at the Atlanta Bread Company, so I brought Ian along with me (plus Cory is able to sleep without so much noise LOL). He is so funny. His smile and his laugh are so infectious that they just make me smile and laugh too. I cannot believe how grown up he is for his young 6 years. I just cannot believe my baby is 6 almost 7. Where does the time go? I realize that I need to make time to spend with Ian and Alex. They are my greatest blessing, and no matter how aggrevating they can be, I cannot imagine life without them. I need to let them be kids and appreciate thier silliness for what it is (as Ian is banging his fists on the booth seat at ABC :-) )

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