Monday, January 12, 2009

Beauty - Day 12

Today I saw beauty in my two kitties, Sherman and Patches. Growing up I was always a dog person. We always had a dog. I knew that when I had a place of my own I would have a dog. Well, along came my husband and youngest son. LOL. They are cat people. Cory had cats and a dog when he was growing up. So, he always planned to have the same. I am not really sure where Ian's fascination came with cats. He was given a stuffed kitty, whom he named Spud (after his sitter Deb's cat), for Christmas when he was one. Since then, Ian has amassed quite the stuffed kitty collection along with our two real kitties, Sherman and Patches. Even now, as I type, they wait for me to go to bed. When I am on the computer, they tend to jump up to get petted while I am trying to type. I never knew how these two creatures could come to be such an integral part of our family now.

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McKay Family said...

Being a cat person myself, I can totally appreciate the beauty of feline friends.