Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Home!!!

It's been a nice relaxing couple of weeks. The boys and I headed back to visit G-ma Cantu in Omaha. We had a nice time visiting with friends and hanging out at G-ma's house. Cory wasn't able to come with us, so he had to stay behind here in Georgia.

The boys had a great time catching up with their friends. Alex spent much of the time at Danny's. Ian was able to play with Devin and even spent the night a few times. Ian was estatic to see Charlie at the Ralston 4th of July parade and even got to play with him a few times before we left.

The trip was quite relaxing, as I had no responsibilties...lol. The bummer was that my laptop died on me though. I wasn't able to read my blogs, check email, or any post on Facebook. The horror!! I don't know how I managed without being online...lol. Oh well, I did watch a lot of Food Network and USA. Burn Notice is a new fave now of mine!!

Mom took the boys and I down to Arkansas on Saturday, so the boys could spend a couple of weeks with Cory's parents. The boys are super excited to go golfing and out on Grandpa's boat. Cory met us down there. I was a bit happy to see my hubby again ;-)
Cory and I left on Sunday, since he had to be back at work tonight. We spent the night in Tupelo, Mississippi, which is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Didn't have too much time to sight see, but maybe next time.
Cory and I ended up spending yesterday at Six Flags over Georgia.. It had been a while since we had managed to spend a whole day alone. I forgot how much fun roller coasters can be. I loved going on Batman again and found a couple of new faves in Goliath and Superman!

I am just glad to be home and able to be online again :-)

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