Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today's Adventure

Gotta love summertime! The weather is gorgeous and, for some reason, we tend to do things that we don't do any other time of year.
Today, Cory, the boys and I headed to downtown Atlanta. We spent some time at Fernbank Museum (we had bought a family membership a couple of months ago). The boys love the science room. They get to make these giant soap bubbles (if I could upload pics from my camera, I would share with ya), get to see how a tornado is made, play with a "lightening" ball, and sit in one those concave seats to talk across the room to each other. Cory ends up having just as much as the boys since he loves all that science stuff.
I finally got to see their rose garden in bloom. I just love roses. They smelled and looked so pretty. Ian probably would have picked me a couple if we wouldn't have told him that was not allowed.

After the trip to the musuem, we ate dinner at Alex's favorite drive-in --The Varsity (America's oldest drivein). It is not the best food by any account, but the boys, especially Alex, love it. The onion rings are pretty good, and Cory has become a fan of the slaw dogs. I'll stick with my burgers.

After dinner, we headed to Turner Field for our first Braves game. The Milwaukee Brewers are in town, and since I am married to a Cheesehead, we had to go this weekend (he wouldn't have minded seeing the Cubbies earlier this week either). We had pretty good seats down the first base line. We did end up walking around the stadium during the game since we had not been there before and I wanted to get a good picture of the giant Coke bottle and Chick-fil-A Cow out in left field. We did manage to get a couple of nice pictures of the field, and the Atlanta skyline from the told of the field. There were even these giant Coke bottle shaped benches you could sit on and look at downtown on (once again, I wish I could post a pic or two for ya).
We had a good time, and the Brewers won (Prince Fielder hit 2 homeruns). Can't wait to go to a Gwinnett Braves game now (they are just down the road from us).

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