Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Baby!

I really shouldn't call him Baby anymore, but Ian turned 7 today! I can't believe how quickly the years go by. I look at him now and see this cute little man. He's so grown-up. I was able to surprise him this afternoon with cupcakes for his class. He was so surprised and had the biggest smile on his face when he saw me. I cannot believe I forgot to take my camera this afternoon...doh. He chose dinner at Pizza Hut for his birthday dinner since we had not eaten at Pizza Hut in 2 YEARS!!! (hasn't quite been that long, but it has been quite some time. We have found a much better pizza place down here in GA, at least in my opinion)
Ian was so excited to have money to spend at WalMart and Target thanks to G-Ma Cantu and Grandma & Gramps Colby. We'll be going shopping this weekend, and I am sure that he will find a new kitty to add to his collection. :-)
I just cannot believe that he is 7 and another year has gone by. This last year has been quite a change to all of us.

I'll post a couple of pictures later once I upload them to the computer.

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