Friday, January 28, 2011

New post for the New Year

Uh oh....didn't realize it had been almost 3 months since I last posted on here. Sorry about that :-(

Just to catch up real quick on the last couple of months -
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving just the four of us. I don't remember that happening since Cory & I got married. We normally are with friends and family. It was nice to just hang out all day playing, watching football, and eating.
  • Brought the end of the semester for Ian, Alex, and I
  • Sickness - Alex, Cory & I all had sinus infections at some point in the month...yuck
  • Traveled to Arkansas to spend Christmas Day with Cory's parents
  • Traveled on to Nebraska to spend the following week with my mom, sister, and one brother
  • Brought in the New Year watching Michigan and Wisconsin lose their bowl games
  • I finished all my coursework for my doctoral program. All that's left is the dissertation writing.
  • Snow in Georgia and an unexpected whole week off from school for Ian, Alex, and me because of all the ice
  • Cory worked quite a bit and was one of the few who braved the ice that week to get to work every night.
  • The start of high school information and registration for Alex. Hard to believe that he'll be in ninth grade in August.

Well, hope that helps to see what we have been up to. I'll share photos in some of the layouts I've done lately using the kits for the amazing designers I have the privilege of working with (although I've been a horrible blogger lately, sorry ladies :-(

Hope everyone has a great end of January (hard to believe the month's over already)

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