Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sorry Blog...

I've been neglecting you :-(

I have been busy ending the school year. Thank goodness we are done. I am currently teaching a one week credit recovery class, but that's not too bad. Doctoral classes are still on the back burner. I really should be working on my dissertation, but I'm still not motivated to do so yet. Maybe I'll find that motivation under all the mess around the

The boys are doing well. Enjoying summer and the fact that school is out.
Ian is having fun at his first ever boy scout day camp. He's been so tired and will be so excited to see all his beltloops he's earned.

Alex is off in Nebraska with Grandma Cantu. It's been kinda quiet without him and Ian fighting all the time. I'm sure he's having a good time hanging with Grandma, her puppies, and his friends from elementary school. I can't wait to hear all the fun he's been having.

Cory's been good. He's been working quite a bit. He's even started playing soccer again. He loves playing goalie. He's even looking forward to the world cup next week.

We just had a nice quick getaway to Illinois for my cousin's wedding over Memorial Day Weekend. It was so nice to see my Uncle Roger and family. I wish we were closer and able to see each other more often. Good thing we're all on Facebook and able to catch up that way.

My time now has been spent on my newest scrapbooking. I resisted for so long, but now I find that is all I do. I find so many cute kits and even win a few from designers Litabells Designs and HD Creations. I am using Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus software and loving all that I can do. I am able to sit here on the couch, watch tv, and whip out a few layouts. Here are just a few that I've done recently.

Hope you're all doing well, and I will try to update more often. If nothing else, I'll have a few more digital layouts to post for you :-)

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