Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick update....

Well, we're two weeks into a new semester. Not much has happened ;-)
We've been having quite the cold spell down here in Georgia. I thought I had moved away from cold. Oh well, at least we only had a dusting of snow. The boys were disappointed that they really couldn't make snowballs. Because of the cold, there was quite a bit of ice on the roads and, in the south, no one really knows how to drive on ice. Department of transportation isn't really prepared either. Luckily it only happens once in a great while. The boys and I did enjoy a snow day last Friday. Cory and I ended up taking the boys to Dave & Buster's for lunch. So much fun to play games all afternoon with no crowds.

Ian lost a tooth today. Says he was eating an apple at school when it happened. He looks so cute toothless. That reminds me, need to make sure and take a picture of him.

I sit here with Sherman curled up on a pillow snuggled up on the couch. Too cute.

Well, that's it for the random update. Tomorrow's Thursday!! Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are back on, can't wait!

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